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Course Information

Video can seem like yet another problem to overcome in the digital journey of your business or organisation, but with a little help you can develop simple strategies to post videos online.


This course is the ideal starting place.

The focus is primarily on getting to grips with the technical aspects of using your camera or smartphone so that you can confidently and consistently create the images and sound you need to tell your story.

We will use the classic vox pop interview as the basis for the training. If you learn how to shoot an interview in any type of situation, you can shoot testimonials, how-to videos and much more. It’s a flexible and powerful starting point for your video content creation.

I can tailor this course to your specific needs and usually train in groups of 4-12 people AT YOUR LOCATION. It’s great for team building.

What Will I Learn?

Developing a plan

How to make your message video-friendly and create content your customers will want to see.


Identifying what equipment you need – and what you don’t need.

Understanding technical concepts

White balance (how to make sure everything  you shoot is the right colour), focus, exposure and sound recording.


We’ll look at how to compose your shots like the pros do.

How to shoot an interview

Not just on a technical level, but how to get the best out of any interviewee.


I’ll introduce and demonstrate some editing software and you’ll learn how to shoot for the edit.

You’ll also learn a host of really useful tips and tricks throughout the day.


Delivered at your location, excluding travel expenses.

Contact me for details about
one-to-one training

4 Delegates


5-10 Delegates


11-20 Delegates